Summer Angel

Hello fellow LLED-ers and loyal readers!

I’ve been busy over the last two weeks, so I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to post anything new. Between a few critical essays, a lesson plan, and an inquiry project while acquiring <4 hrs of sleep, is harsh on my mind.

Anyhow, it’s about time that I asked a question on the English Companion Ning, and let me tell you something, I don’t mind the criticism I’m receiving from it. I posted one of my goals for teaching students: video games. I did get some negativity towards it (although it wasn’t as harsh as I expected.), I got some perspective from other people, which greatly helped me realize what to expect, how to address it better. So thanks responders of the English Companion Ning for taking my question in a professional manner.

As for my lesson plan, I’m getting some of my Watchmen lesson plan done for the time being. I’ll be focusing on three of the most apparent themes associated with it. So it should be a type of training for students to understand how a story’s structured, and how it’s implemented. As long as I get this through their minds, I’ve done my job!

I’ve been, as well as working, finding some unique websites to benefit students and teachers. One website that one of my favorite comedians uses is It’s a website where they give you a phone number, and you can check voice mails that people leave you. It’s used mostly for publick (yes, I added a “k” at the end for a Spenserian twist to the blog lol) figures (i.e. celebrities), but it can be a paved road for teachers to answer ANY questions dealing with ANY lesson or topic. So thank you, Gabriel Iglesias, for letting me discover something beneficial to the teaching community!

There are only a few days left until I get a short break, then come May 10th, I’ll be doing summer courses until June 25th. After June 25th, I’ll be free as a whale!!! I hope to accomplish some road trips, as well as some personal goals (writing some stories, starting lesson plans, etc). My motivation with 19 1/2 credits is kind of cruddy, especially when you’re constantly hit with work. The only things that kept me sane this semester were the weekends and my friends from class and from my branch campus.

Speaking of friends, I’m glad that the LLED class people were awesome! It felt like my first year in high school, where everyone clicked on the first week, and actually talked to each other IN PERSON!!! I don’t care, I felt that responding by e-mail felt too artificial, unless you couldn’t see that person for whatever circumstances. I just can’t wait when we can all go out with each other, and chill as a group. I hope that we keep in touch with each other until we retire, and return to State College’s lovely events (lol).

Anyhow, I would like to continue with my lesson plan, and finish the semester with an awesome report card! So I’ll blog whenever! Take care, fellow readers!

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Get Out

Hello fellow LLED-ers/bloggers/readers!

While hearing the new song from their upcoming new album, Blue Sky Noise, Circa Survive’s song Get Out will be a main component into this new blog post.

Now for those that don’t know this new song, it’s about understanding, ignorance, and absence towards, well, anything. I’m blending it in with my evaluation of the LLED course block. No, this isn’t going to be a magnified bashing of problems that the courses provide, but it’s what I have/haven’t done to take advantage of some materials in these classes. I will also be evaluating myself honestly; what I went through in the LLED block process, as well as how much I’ve grown as a student and as a aspiring teacher. First, it’s with the PLN network:

Content: Decent (B-B+)

For content, I’d would say that I had some great content. Unlike some bloggers that had twice as many blog posts that I had, I condensed my blogs in one shot for the week. I attempted to cover aspects of my own teaching beliefs and added some obscure sources of insight to enlighten my peers. However, I never got any comments (besides from Jason). This is probably because : a). my subjects didn’t appeal towards my classmates; b). I have not stated something towards the advantages of technology, education, or created new ideas to implement composition in a practical manner ; or c). my ideals were a bit far-fetched, and were ignored/criticized in articulate fashion. I felt that my own evaluation of certain practices would seem important towards another individual’s progress.

Again, my blog is based on George Carlin’s ideal of being practical, rather than confusing subjects in “Spooky Language”. “Spooky Language” is what creates problems in the educational system. I always ask myself what happened to efficient, progressive learning? I don’t know, but I’m hoping that myself and many others can fix this problem from past instructors. With keeping in touch with the LLED block people, we can create something more than practical, but essential also. Reading their takes on teaching English incredibly inspires me to exercise and elaborate on said material. I have an idea for a lesson after this evaluation, so hang in there!

Quality: (C+-B-)

I may be biting off more than I can chew with my evaluation of quality, but I felt that the direction of my blog could’ve been better implemented. While my classmates blogged on new research and such, I blogged on breakthroughs I had over the semester. Reading a few blogs here and there, I felt that everybody had their own style of finding their own information. Between blogging about research that pertains to their own opinions, to tackling new waters with something that could possibly be groundbreaking, I don’t believe that everyone in the class should be nailed for their efforts on what they believe in. But that doesn’t mean that a couple of posts consisting of “fluff” should be encouraged: meaning that since we’re winding down in the PLN process, we shouldn’t try to post 3 entries in one day to catch up with the others. I’m not going to; I rest my case.

Besides this point, opening up in beliefs is what I tried to stride in the most with this blog. When I read some of the blogs, I felt passion with some, others sounded robotic, like they were going through the motions. My overall goal is to feel more of a person, than a throw away resource when it comes to teaching. That’s why my blog is more of a breakthrough blog more than anything.

Networking: (D-C)

This lower grade may have hindered my progress with networking. I tried to communicate with others, but I could’ve been more assertive towards the efforts to learn from others. I felt that I could’ve gotten more responses if I would have commented on everyone’s blogs. Since we’re wrapping up some of the pages we have to do, I have enough of time to improve the networking with some people that blogged on wordpress.

Hopefully, I can make an overall improvement on everything that a PLN is supposed to be, while following my own method of running my PLN. Anyhow…

I thought of it a few days in the making…Music as literature and Concept albums portraying a story. Yes, music has become a major core of our lives, no matter where you go. Like movies and a recent addition that I’ll be incorporating (video games), some music has deep thought/story that enables the listener to feel a plethora of emotions and scenes unimaginable. Concept albums have a sense of conveying a fictional story established by the individual’s own words. Does this sound like a great activity for students to create something that they can cherish for their lives? We’ll have to see about that…

I will be adding onto this post, as well as adding another post over the weekend, which will be short and sweet. Afterwards, I should have a few more blog posts before LLED 420 is over. So I hope there’s some improvement from hereon out!

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Ali in the Jungle

Hey fellow readers!

This is my first entry from Spring Break (put off for two weeks), so sorry for depriving you of insightful knowledge for three weeks. I could’ve rushed this entry, but I didn’t feel like it was up to par. But anyhow, I’m not going to disappoint, as I have some cool/amazing/weird stuff to explore. Yes, it’s educational, but not in the traditional sense. From weird fish to funny subs, I’m covering it all!

But before biting into the juicy stuff, I’m going to reflect on my progress, as an educator, and what, I believe, are more practical methods to addressing lessons.

Placing students in groups, and having an assignment that involves their voices is incredibly practical towards their education. I feel that what we did in LLED 411 with free writes made incredible strides towards understanding and reinforcing an assigned topic much better. This type of activity is going to be included in my lesson plan, as it is an effective teaching method.

I don’t find a significance with “piccling” if everyone in the course block has an English Companion Ning. Honestly, if the Ning has more members signed up for it, and has answers literally flowing through each question within minutes, why have the Piccle network? Yeah, maybe people haven’t heard of the English Companion Ning, but getting an answer right away enables the individual into creating a more clear, concise plan of teaching sooner. We bitch and moan about education not benefiting the community (there’s other factors behind it, but I’m going in general), yet we can’t seem to nail it down quick enough. The Ning prevents anymore complaints from the community and the faculty. ‘Nuff said.

See, I believe in quality over quantity HEAVILY. Although it may seem like a sophisticated way of being lazy, it really isn’t. I would prefer to have the best websites/applications/programs that are available, with the same content and such, rather than having separate applications that loathes an individual’s time. Think about it; if there’s something that cuts the time in half, or has something built-in that enables you to do that job better, why not use it?

Anyhow, I got some links and such, and boy, are they crazy! Some very informal, others just funny and weird. But anyhow, here’s the first link on the blobfish: This is quite an extraordinary thing to find. I NEVER saw a fish this ugly, and to look like Ziggy! Go figure! There’s even more strange creatures of the deep, but I forget most of them. I only remember goblin shrimp :).

Moving on, I learned over the last three weeks that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and how true that is! My best friend sent me this video one night, and it’s probably one of the most amazing videos that I’ve ever watched. It’s a man in Europe (I’m guessing Italy by the background. Comment if I’m wrong.) that plays the guitar, and SINGS LIKE A SAINT!!! It’s amazing that something that may look negative can produce a sound so beautiful! What I’m trying to get here is to never judge somebody ahead of time, until you get the chance to know that specific person. That’s like a student: you have to understand how they think and what they’ll do, before singling them out of the class. So enjoy the amazing video!

And finally, one of my favorite videos for life has to be the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series. It’s about these guys that re-dubbed old episodes of the famous anime, and made them funnier than they should be! Although they place a disclaimer into the video, I think the people that own the legendary cartoon sued Team Four Star (the dubbers) for using the video footage. Now, if you ever watched the show (I assume all the girls in my course block never watched the show) the voice actors that parody the originals match up similarly to the original voice actors. It’s a shame that nobody can ever do a parody without a company raising hell about it. I mean, some companies have the absolute right to erase these works, but c’mon, at least they’re not selling it, and making a large sum of money from it!

Anyhow, for a final thought (thanks for the concept, Jerry Springer!), I have a totally different way of thinking sometimes, and sometimes I confuse people with what I say. I sometimes wonder “why the hell do I think like this?”, for the most part. I still have no clear answer; just theories that can help me guide myself to an answer. One of the reasons for teaching is to solve problems that only have theories (like everyone else), but I’m painstakingly trying to reach an answer. No matter what, I’ll try; it’s what anybody else would do, but I believe that I go beyond the call 24/7. I tend to think a lot also. But remember fellow readers, the faster you know how to solve problems, the better you avoid such problems in the future! Hope to blog again for next week!

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The Professor Burns Vegas

Hello fellow readers/bloggers!

As you may know, my blog titles consist of song names. I either focus on a specific topic or epiphany that I come across, whenever I have the time to. My gripe now: video games as literature!

Think about this one for a bit: How come video games aren’t a recognized form of literature/art? I may be looking at it as something that must be HIGHLY recognized, but it won’t by a mainstream audience. Take for example: the Bioshock series!

The first one hit incredible strides in gaming! The war between Andrew Ryan and Fontaine created such a tension; a creepy tension that rattles your humanity…and the psychotic seriousness of the dialogue of the characters! As a “lamb”, you control your destiny; to fulfill the duties of one of these men, where you must fend for yourself. There’s no way that the game should be ignored! I replayed it a few times, and it still gives me such a disturbance! It makes me so…human!

Other games, such as the Metal Gear franchise, should be recognized as incredible cannons of  literature/film, that can compare to, or even destroy any novel and/or film. With incredible espionage actions and betrayals, as well as the overall structure of the story, the way its told still leaves its impression on me. There are many great turns and twists in the cannon of  Metal Gear Solid games, that you’ll still be wondering, “What the hell just happened?” If some publishing company printed the text for this game, I don’t think anybody would keep up with the story, that’s how complex it is!

The Castlevania series has been one of my favorite franchises, because it concentrates mythology in the game. You have the legend of Dracula, as well as most of the Greek myths, and in some games, it has urban legends, such as the Mothman and Bigfoot. How can you not love this game! It also includes some religious characters in it, such as the infamous Legion. His shield is made out of people, and the player has to shed the huge 1/4 layers of people in order to attack Legion! If you, as the reader, get a chance to play the game, I’d suggest playing Symphony of the Night (on the Playstation, but it’s downloadable on the PS3 and 360), then follow up with the rest of the titles on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. If you can’t find the GBA, then the DS has a slot for Advance games. So don’t worry; be happy :).

Moreover, twists and other non-fiction references in video games make video games twice as interesting and more productive, depending on the drive of the person playing the game. I played video games that concentrated on mythology and history, and I learned a lot easier and quicker than just the text. It just goes to show that visuals are equally important!

As for my lesson plan for the Watchmen, I’m starting to think about certain types of assessment for the  material. I’m probably gonna do small groups for each character. They learn about that specific character, then the groups will present the analysis of each character to the students. This could lead to debates on the specific characters’ ideals, and thought processes. I’m going to exercise other elements, such as symbolism and millennialism within the lesson too. That’s all I’ve been thinking about at this point, so I’m going to find at least a few more factors that make the Watchmen a classroom read.

On a final note…

There’s a search engine called Ecosia that donates all of its profit in order to keep the rain forests in tact. There’s a video on Facebook on their group/fan site. I found it interesting, since everybody uses Google in order to find answers to their problems and such. I’ll even admit that I collapsed under Google’s pressure, since my phone has a G-mail account, which I never use due to password issues. So is a great site, if you’re sick and tired of conglomerates dominating the market.

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Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone…

Hello fellow bloggers/readers!

I’m starting to break out of my shell, as far as realizing what I want to teach, and making my ideals malleable without sacrifice! I still want to become exposed to any type of instruction, to create an incredibly smooth teaching experience. Of course, I’ll have to work at it, but it’ll be worth it!

As far as other sites for the PLN, I’m trying to get a greater grasp at the default technologies! I’ll eventually find something awesome, and share it in the blog, as well as in class! But let’s get down to brass tax, and let me share some interesting information, facts, a soundtrack list (pertaining to famous literary works!), and the final word!

The first item I’d like to share: Dante’s Inferno! Yes, one of THE best and famous work of Dante Alighieri, next to Shakespeare, has a video game!!!

Yes, you’re wondering, “What the Hell’s going on here! Which company is bastardizing the good name of Dante?”

Well, Electronic Arts (EA, the people that brought you the Fight Night, Madden, and other sports/action-adventure games) decided to obtain the poetic license for the Inferno, and create it into a game. I’ve heard about this a couple of years ago, saying, “You gotta be kidding me! They’re going to ruin the Inferno? *sigh*”, being highly skeptical of it becoming a dramatic flop, that rips off another game (God of War- another game based on power, Greek gods, and massive amounts of violence). Well, even though it’s LOOSELY based on the original (9 Circles of Hell are still in tact, as well as Dante, Beatrice, Virgil, and Lucifer), it pertains to targeting the God of War people, as well as something “new” to the general public. I have played the demo on my X-Box 360, and it does look promising! Yeah, you have an original work, that has a retooled blood-and-guts interpretation, that epitomizes the Inferno; is it worth the look over? Well, I’ll post a link of the gameplay here:

I don’t know if the link will be point-and-click, but it’s worth watching. If it doesn’t, comment on what I should do with these links. So there you go; two games that take the creative license to the extreme! Check them out, and understand that they’re mere overhauls of famous works and mythology; they’re just made for fun! Besides, it’s fun (in the game[s]) to rip of Icarus’s wings for an essential item, or to steal Death’s scythe, not only to degrade him with his own weapon!

I’d love to mention this to my one professor, Dr. Cheney, because I believe that he’ll praise it (as much as he does Troy), and would possibly play the game for himself! Except with the overhaul, of course!

Advancing forward; I picked my novel for a reason, and it has many reasons why it should be a book to be taught at the high school level, and here’s why:

In high schools (or at least mine), we were at least exposed to something violent/controversial subject matter, and it’s inevitable that they’ll be exposed to this material in college, depending if the students explore it or not. So, if the class is mature enough, I might as well delve into controversy; we’re exposed to it in some shape or form, so why try and avoid it? I believe that it must be dealt with in a professional matter, or else it’s going to be treated like a witness in a court room, filled with jesters! That’s why I think some teachers cannot teach more interesting material, due to the lack of depth they don’t provide; they only provide a shallow pool of understanding, that doesn’t attract the students into becoming one with the material!

The Watchmen, not only has its share of violence, mystery, and sexuality, but it’s an experience of  numerous read overs, discussions, and contemplations of each character and plot element. I do plan to teach this at a high school level, and I do expect to make students think of general/complex topics of English literature.

Ok, now that’s taken care of, I’ll be making a playlist for an English Class Soundtrack! Like Jessie, with her Shakespeare rap video, I came across some songs that either reference Shakespeare or were written specifically about Shakespeare’s plays. I would like to incorporate a soundtrack type of lesson for certain works of literature, so not only the students will learn the story better, but they’ll have fun while doing it! So…these songs are massed under the category of referenced songs: Another url, but the site nails the main songs I wanted to cover. Apparently, Shakespeare’s really hip with modern artists. Others include O Valencia!, by the The Decemberists (about Romeo and Juliet); and others that I’m overwhelmed by!

A recent one, synching with the Dante’s Inferno video game commercial, Bill Withers-Ain’t No Sunshine dominates the conflict that Dante must face in his journey through Hell. I thought it was a newer song, but the older song (in the 70’s) suits the archaic style of the game. Others include Homer’s Odyssey with Patiently Waiting by Minus the Bear (somewhat references the main points of the Odyssey, with Odysseus and Penelope), Marlowe’s Tamburlaine with Wildest Dreams by Asia (yeah, they reference television, but listen to most of the lyrics!), another Inferno song that’s considered an epic to me, is Cassandra Gemini (the 30 min or so song) by the Mars Volta (somewhat incorporates the rings of Hell, listen to the whole song and lyrics), and another song for Homer’s Odyssey; Long Distance Runaround by Yes (referencing Odysseus’s leaving Penelope, and just him trying to reach home). I could go on, and update a couple of times in my entries what songs could be potential soundtracks for the major literary works. If you have the critical mind, and the time to listen to any song, you’ll find references to anything. Hands down, this would be a great lesson, and everyone would not only engage in the lesson, but interact and collaborate with other students in the class, while at the same time reinforcing the meaning of the work!

…and finally, the final word! I must say that it’s insane how Americans are lazy! I just saw a Lincoln commercial, that had one of their vehicles parallel park BY ITSELF!!! It’s terrible! This can apply with students that use Spark Notes and other sources to “cheat”. I believe that, if a student truly doesn’t understand the story, Spark Notes should be used in order to make him/her understand it. In other words, we will always take the easy way out of problems, no matter how difficult it is!

Well, it’s about time I wrap this blog up. I’m sick of looking at the page every 3 minutes or so, so have fun, and be safe!

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Into the Mirror

This Friday, I had some doubts with this major,  but now I feel incredibly calm with it! I feel that, as an educator, you need to be guided in a straightforward way. Although it was my first LLED 411 class, I felt like I’ve been introduced to so many aspects in a classroom ,without feeling incredibly stressed. Elsie has a rapid-fire sense of taking care of lessons, but boy, does she make them interesting/realistic towards students becoming educators. I couldn’t believe how she when I was there! I kind of admire her attitude towards this, because if she didn’t take this kind of stance, well…why should we be educators in the first place? Teachers have lives too; it’s not like they sit all weekend, mourning in solitary confinement and grade papers! I think this is one of the essential courses that we truly need, besides being paired up with a mentor, and delving into the ecosystem known as the classroom!

As for progressing with Piccle, WordPress, and Facebook, I”m not doing so bad. I posted some stuff on Piccle, and it’s user-friendly, as well as WordPress. I have to delve into settings and customizations with the Macbook and the mentioned sites in the paragraph. I still don’t understand how to work in blogs for WordPress. I’ll ask somebody in the block to help me out.

Anyhow, with Friday in mind, it was snowing like the dickens in State College! I’ve experienced some snowfall in State once, but this storm was ridiculous! I had a little trouble trying to move my vehicle out and into my parking spot, but I managed to pull it off! Too bad that I had to use my 2007 Toyota Corolla as a mini snow plow, so I can get in easier! Damn you, snow!

Before the snow storm (or during its lighter phase), I purchased a video game for my Nintendo Wii; Tatsunoko vs. Capcom! If you’re not familiar with Capcom’s “vs.” franchise, it’s an experience that ALL gamers should experience (especially people that grew up on fighting games)! The more familiar “vs.” franchises are the Marvel vs. Capcom games, which enables dream matches, like Wolverine vs. Ryu from Street Fighter! But Tatsunoko vs. Capcom takes a 90 degree turn with this franchise!

If you’re nerdy enough (or remember the old cartoons, Battle of the Planets or the G-Force [Science Team Gatchaman, I think]), then you’ll recognize Ken the Eagle, Jun the Swan, and Joe the Condor! These characters are the most prevalent of all the Tatsunoko characters, since Cartoon Network used to be cool, and ran the series repeatedly around the 90’s. The rest of the characters are hardcore, typical Japanese anime characters, which isn’t such a terrible thing, since most of them were created in the 1970’s. They were re-vamped and rebooted for redemption, since die-hard fans requested and raved over their return, and  we have the rest of our characters on the Tatsunoko side! For Capcom, well, it’s expected to have Ryu in the game, since you can consider him to be the mascot the company.

Since this game has an obscure franchise on one side, Capcom evened the odds, and threw in their obscure characters from their other franchises. This ranges from the Tatsunoko-parodic, American-esque character Viewtiful Joe, to the Mega Man Legends version of Mega Man (with a last name, Volnutt). To enhance the obscurity, Capcom added “Giant” characters. Taking up 2 screen lengths and heights, the giant characters add such an amazing element to the face off. Tatsunoko provides Gold Lightan, a gold robot that grows 30 meters tall from a pocket lighter, and Capcom counters with PTX-40A, a better version of the robotic battle suit that Sigourney Weaver pilots in Alien. These characters are banned from Japanese tournaments, due to their “infinite throwing” glitch, and how ridiculously powerful they are! There could be a battle going on with Gold Lightan,  and a team of two, and within 10 seconds, G. Lightan destroys the first fighter, and the other fighter’s partner has half health. Could you blame the players for protesting?

Anyhow, it’s a great time to play Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but if you would tell me that it’s the best game ever, I’d probably say “Wait until Marvel vs. Capcom 3!” Overall, I’d give Tatsunoko vs. Capcom an 8/10.

Before I wrap this post up, I would like to reflect on a movie, called “Mean Girls”. It’s a fairly interesting 2000’s movie (or at least, I think it was made in the 00’s) that has Lindsay Lohan come out of homeschooling, and being placed in a public school, where the “mean girl” stereotype thrives in the schools. If you haven’t watched this movie, It’s a perfect representation of high school girls (I’m not trying to be sexist, but half ARE like that!) being, well, bitchy to each other! However, there’s redemption at the end, so if you haven’t watched it yet, check out TBS or rent it at Blockbuster or Netflix; pick your preferred poison.

I’ll be creating another entry during the week, and I’ll be including a TUTORIAL!!! Whoa! This blog’s only going to grow from here on out! Hope you loyal readers enjoy my posts!

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Learn the steps, before you take the lead!

So yesterday in LLED 420, some interesting thoughts sparked the classroom, and I thought that they’re worthy to mention.

The fact that I’m learning about myself the more I’m exposed to these lessons is something within itself. I actually had a learning problem that was diagnosed when I was a toddler. Basically, if I don’t get something, chances are, you may have to explain it to me in different terms. So when I was reading some of Wilhelm’s problems in the classroom, I understood what he, and the student were going through along their academic journey.

As I progress with my education, I feel like I’m hindered by not knowing a plethora of readings. Yes, I’ve probably have been introduced to the most stagnant material that my public school has to offer. But I have to power through college, and learn this material, so future students won’t go through the same fate as I did during school ( and believe me, it wasn’t fun at all)!

It’s funny when you’re in a fix, like listening to your favorite band/performer/podcast on your iPod for a whole week, that specific coincidence happened to me this week. When Dr. Whitney was emphasizing the 3 criteria for a reader’s response, I instantly thought of George Carlin’s “Why We Don’t Need 10 Commandments” right off the bat! I was expecting this extreme rant and rave period from him, but my hopes were shot, as we moved forward through the class. Now, although George Carlin can be considered a “bad” comedian, due to his high in brine sailor mouth and no holds barred standup, you can’t help to relate and think about his ideals. I find him incredibly practical, despite of skeptics nowadays, and his standup sharpened my progression of being, well, practical!

As an aspiring educator, if there’s an easier way of explaining/showing material, I won’t skimp on essentials. I’ll help students find that way to have an incredibly smoother transition into college, the work force, and even life, even if I have to be perpetually stressed out!

So, after class, I had ballroom dancing; I can see why all undergrads want this course!  And of course, it has a person have good muscle control and memory. Also, leading is a MAJOR aspect, because if your partner doesn’t know what you’re going to do, you’ll expect no progress. I just need to work on a few flaws, and I’ll be in the clear!

And finally, to end yesterday, I got to see one of my favorite bands, Minus the Bear. Yeah, you may haven’t heard of them before, but they have a way with ambient music. I’m more of an alternative/progressive/classic rock kind of guy. If anything, i like something unique; something good; something different, rather than mainstream pop. I find a balance no matter where I’m at, or what I’m doing.

For my final word, it’s funny when you think of random thoughts. I mean, I just realized that teaching can be like ballroom dancing; you have to learn the steps in order to lead, and you have to improve on your lead to become better at it. Ah, just another influential metaphor to get me pumped for teaching!

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Hey! I got a blog!!!

After ranting and raving in Facebook for some time and requiring a blog page of progressing as a student, teaching technology to high school students, I finally have a blog! It kind of feels liberating that I can voice my experiences with technology, methods of teaching, and the metamorphosis of time as I grow older.

I hope that I can achieve great accomplishments throughout my life, and I hope I can morph minds to progressive and equal ideals!

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